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"Here at Roswell Park, we strive to provide our patients with exceptional care and comfort. We all know the effects of cancer treatments may cause patients discomfort, particularly with sore and dry mouths, metallic tastes, and even loss of taste. We have had tremendous positive feedback since we introduced the Soothease Natural Comfort candies to our chemotherapy patients.  Due to the success and enjoyment of the Honey Lavender and Orange Barley honey pops, we will be expanding sharing these wonderful candies with our inpatient population. We continue to be impressed with the efficiency and ease of ordering, payment and shipment, as well as the communication between your company and our organization.  We couldn’t be happier to be offering these delicious candies to our patients here in Buffalo, New York."  Roswell Park Cancer Institute


"While recovering from chemotherapy treatments, I found these lollipops incredibly helpful in dealing with certain side effects. I would use the barley malt pop just before a meal, or before drinking water, in order to remove the metal taste from my mouth. The lavender helped alleviate the cold and mouth sores after each treatment. Fortunately, I did not end up with nausea, thanks to the chocolate rice pop. It helped sooth my stomach. I would recommend these lollipops to anyone going through chemo or as a gift to someone you care about who is going through treatment. In addition to easing the chemotherapy side effects, they're actually quite yummy!" - Susan

"I received Soothease from a friend while I was going through chemotherapy. At the time I was miserable, with a sore mouth and an awful metallic taste all the time that discouraged me from eating anything at all! My doctors encouraged me to eat to keep up my strength, but until I found Soothease I simply couldn't tolerate food. I credit these amazing pops with getting me through chemo! Thank you for making this wonderful product!!" - Ravit Landsberg


"I love the Soothease candies. I am currently going through chemo for breast cancer. They have helped me when I have that yucky metallic taste in my mouth, and they are great to suck on when I have zero appetite. The barley candies have helped revive my taste buds as well. Not only that, they offer excellent customer service. An error on my order was made, and they remedied the situation immediately and went above and beyond to make it right." 

Jessica Cunningham, Dallas, Texas


"I wanted to send along feedback regarding your product.  I came across a shared article on Facebook. I was born and raised in Scotch Plains, and noticed an article about a woman from the area that had remedies to aid appetite in cancer patients. I’m so glad I came across that article because Sootheese are incredible and so delicious! I bought them for my father who has cancer and now has a limited diet; sometimes he does not have an appetite at all. These candies work wonders and are great for him; he’s been able to get nutrition on the days that are difficult, his appetite has increased and he thinks they’re so tasty.  He always keeps them by his side. Needless to say the whole family loves Sootheese, you may have noticed from the reoccurring orders after our first time trying them! Thank you for your delicious product. We look forward to that next delivery!"  Karlene, NJ


"I came home from my brain zapping to find your lovely flowers, and HOPEFULLY the answer to a tiny prayer. I've had some mouth discomfort, plus Nothing tastes as I remember it. I tried an orange barley and it was so soothing. I can't thank you enough for your thoughtfulness. Would you mind sharing where I can get them ( I'm ready to buy a CASE) Relief, wonderful!"

"I purchased these for my brother who is going through chemotherapy.  He said they are working great.  He could not get the taste of the medicine out of his mouth, and that was ruining his appetite.  This candy is a huge help during a rough time.     I have already recommended your product to his oncologists office. Thank you!!" 

"Soothease have quickly become one of our fastest selling products in our Cancer Boutique.  Patient love the flavors and find they absolutely help with the metallic taste and improve their appetite."   Lynn -- Bee Well Boutique

"Hi Samantha, I did receive an order and my husband instructed me to reorder the lollipops directly from your site. He's seen a difference in his tastebuds and is now a believer! Therefore, today I placed an order for 4 total bags of lollipops."

"Thank you for making these. I got them as part of a chemo care package from a friend, and they are life savers. I just ordered three more packages from Amazon (to use my Christmas gift card). I especially like them when I wake up in the middle of the night with dry, yucky mouth. Very soothing."


Natural Comforts

September 01, 2017

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January 26, 2017

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