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Frequently Asked Questions


What are Soothease?

Soothease are hard candies developed by Samantha, while undergoing chemotherapy. Samantha is a holistic chef who used her cooking skills to come up a line of all natural candies to help her cope with some of the nasty side effects of chemo that were effecting her mouth – cold sores, metallic taste, and loss of taste sensation.


What flavors are available?

Currently there are 3 Soothease flavors available in both hearts and lollipops: Orange Barley, Honey Lavender and Chocolate Brown Rice. We are also in the process of developing other flavors, which we hope to have for sale in the near future.


How do the candies work?

The Orange Barley candy help rid the metallic taste temporarily. The Honey Lavender help reduce cold sores in the mouth. The Chocolate Brown Rice help soothe the mouth.


What ingredients are used to make Soothease?

We use only all natural, organic ingredients to make our candies. These ingredients were chosen based on their natural supportive abilities to soothe the mouth and promote the rejuvenation of taste buds. Some of the ingredients we use include honey, lavender, brown rice syrup and dandelion root.


Can I keep Soothease in the fridge?

We believe that Soothease works even better when kept cold! It soothes the mouth even better when kept in the fridge or freezer.


How do you know that Soothease work?

We know that Soothease work based on Samantha’s personal experience using the product, the cancer patients we have shared them with, and the many notes of thanks and written testimonials we have received. As many of our happy customers, family or friends have told us Soothease has been the only relief they have gotten from the side effects of chemo that effect the mouth.


When should I eat the candies?

We think the candies can be eaten at anytime! To get the best results, eat Soothease when your mouth is sore, before eating a meal or if you feel mouth sores coming on. Soothease is a nice burst of flavor when everything else has no taste or a bad taste.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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